Saturday, August 10, 2013

Here are the painted 25/41.  Just the POR-15 coat is on now--I'll paint over that with a matte paint tomorrow.  (POR-15 has to be painted over unless it's somewhere that will not see any light.  I'm painting over everything, regardless.)

The carrier saddles and differential cover bolts are all in place because the bolt holes go out the back side, and I didn't want paint getting into those holes.

Another thing to note is that the pinions have been removed.  That was both to make it easier to clean the axles, and because I'm going to be replacing the bearings anyway.  The Kaiser-Willys service manual says to remove the pinion by hammering on it with a brass punch.  Tried that--didn't have much luck.  Moses Ludel's book says to use an air hammer.  Don't have one of those, and I doubt the neighbours would appreciate it if I did!  What I did instead was to use my press.  Worked like a charm--didn't even need much force.  Obviously that can only be done with an axle that's been removed from the vehicle, but mine were...

And here are the four knuckles (since I haven't decided which two I'm using yet), and the four 9" backing plates.  Also the two covers.  The cover for the 25 isn't the one that was on the Jeep when I got it, but it came in the spare parts collection that came with the Jeep.  The one on the Jeep was chrome, but since the chrome plating was half gone, I decided to revert to the original one with a fresh coat of paint.

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