Friday, July 12, 2013

The other day, I took the D44 to a mechanic to see if they could pull the shafts and/or hubs.

The shafts came out fairly easily with a slide hammer.  (Need to get one of those!)

The hubs, OTOH, still won't come off.  The mechanics broke their puller (stripped the threads) trying.  (It wasn't one of the heavy duty $375 pullers, though.)

But with the shafts out, I can put them in my 20 ton shop press...  First attempt--no joy.  I probably didn't pull hard enough on the jack handle, though.  Instead, I left the shafts sitting with ATF/Acetone.  Out of the axle tube, I can have them both sitting vertically, so the ATF/Acetone can seep into the joint instead of just dripping away like when the axle was horizontal.  I'll try again this weekend now that they've been soaking for a few days.

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