Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Building brakes

Brakes.  Four units, with new pads, cylinders, springs, and anchor pins (with nuts and lock washers).  I still can't figure out why the overhaul kit included the anchor pins but not the cams, which go on the anchor pins.  (And they're brass--if you were selecting which parts to put into an overhaul kit, wouldn't you pick the soft parts?)  Original parts are the backer plates, eccentrics (and their nuts and lock washers--again, why include the anchor pins in the kit and not the eccentrics?), and the anchor pin plates.
The moving parts (i.e., those bits around the anchor pins) are greased with brake lube.  The nuts (on the anchor pins and eccentrics) have anti-seize on them.

But this marks the first time in this process that I've actually assembled something!  Yay! Axles come next...

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