Friday, April 19, 2013

Rebooting the blog

I've cleared out all the old posts to start this blog again from scratch.  I just brought the Jeep home from the cabin in preparation for a major overhaul.

A bit of background:  The Jeep is a Willys CJ3A, made in 1949 (although it's licensed as 1950).  I got it from friends a few years ago; they got it in the mid 1980s.  It's not exactly in original condition.  The engine is from a CJ2A.  The steering column is from a 80-ish Camaro to give it power steering.  It has been converted to 12V and the oil-bath air cleaner has been replaced with a paper filter.  The oil filter has been replaced with a spin-on type.  There's a roll bar (probably a good thing).  The body has been replaced in the past--and is very rusty.  The brakes don't work at all, except the hand brake, which is marginal.

I'll add more comments later about the plans for this overhaul, but essentially I want to get the Jeep into a street-legal condition, and restore it to the point where it can run (I hope) for another 60 years!

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