Sunday, April 21, 2013

Spent a good chunk of Saturday removing body parts from the Jeep.  Lots of fun removing bolts that probably hadn't been removed in 25 years or more!  The ones holding the roll bar and back seat down were the worst--most of those sheared right off.

Pulling the tub will be a bigger job, as it means removing things like the pedals  and steering column, and, of course, all the wiring and hoses that go through the firewall.

On Sunday, all the parts that came off in the video went back out to the cabin (along with the trailer that brought the Jeep home).


Wade Bortz said...

Nice time lapse! What did you use to take the photos?

Paul S. said...

I used my DSLR. I tried hooking it up through the computer and use Canon's EOS Utility to control the camera. That worked for a bit, but for some reason, it wouldn't prevent the camera from going to sleep, so it would crap out after a couple minutes. (I was using my older DSLR--I wonder if the new one would have worked this way. The new one has Live View, so maybe the computer could have kept it awake.)

So what I ended up doing is using my electronic remote (TC-80N3). I could only set it to 99 images, so I had to reset it every 25 minutes or so (it was set to 15 second delay).