Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Spent a couple hours last night disconnecting things going through the firewall in preparation for removing the main part of the body (what Jeepers call the "tub").

  • Two out of three pedals
  • Under-the-dash heater  (I removed the between the seats heater when I first got the Jeep)
  • A bunch of wires
  • E-brake cable (kinda--it's disconnected at both ends, but I haven't gotten it through the firewall yet)
  • Steering column (some real contortionist moves needed to remove some of those bolts!)
 Still a few things to disconnect, though:  fuel line, gas pedal, starter push rod, finish the E-brake cable, and probably a couple other things I've forgotten.  (Actually, I'll remove the gas tank while I'm at it--one of the tub bolts is supposed to be underneath it.  And it's a newish tank, so I'll want to reuse it anyway.)

Then it's on to removing the bolts that hold the tub down.  There are supposed to be 14 of them, but this tub is not original, so I don't know if the same number were used to install it...


Wade Bortz said...

Nice to see that the jeep lives on! That steering column is from a Camaro, I think... It was the closest thing we could find that would more or less fit. :) The original steering was atrocious!

Paul S. said...

My plan is to go back to original. Hopefully with new parts, it won't be atrocious! I don't think I have any of the original linkages (the bins of bits I got from your dad were still covered in snow last weekend); only the steering column/box. If the problem was in the linkages, it'll be gone with new parts. If it was in the box, well, I can get a new one of those, too.