Saturday, June 15, 2013

Paint on the frame is pretty much done.  I'll take a picture tomorrow when I load it onto the trailer.  I'm going to store the frame at the cabin to give myself room to do mechanical work on other bits.  (And I need to get the trailer out of the driveway, regardless.)

I'm not thrilled with my painting skills.  There are drip marks in various places.  But I guess that very little of the frame will be visible in the end.  (If there are any drip marks in visible places, I'll sand them off and repaint those spots.

I used a matte paint over the POR15.  That not only helps reduce the obviousness of my bad painting skills, but also makes it easy to see where I missed a spot, since the glossy POR15 looks very different.

 And on to the next task.  I started trying to pull the hubs off my extra set of axles.  I want to pull the larger brakes off these ones and use them in the Jeep.  I may also switch out the knuckles on the front axle.  But these hubs are proving to be stubborn.
Here's my big puller.  For size, the blue breaker bar is 36" long and the silver ratchet is about 18" long.  The socket on there is 3/4".  The puller is rated to 7 tons.  Unfortunately, the hub isn't coming off; instead the hub plate is actually deforming under the load of the puller!

Maybe it's time to try the ATF/acetone trick.  (A 50/50 mix of those were apparently tested to be a better penetrating oil than any commercial product.)

I hope the hubs on the other axles aren't as bad.  They weren't stored outdoors, and I believe the hubs were removed at least back in the late 80's.

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