Sunday, June 9, 2013

The frame is all prepped for painting now.  Started with a wire wheel on a grinder, and then upgraded to the sandblaster (since it was clear that the wheel couldn't get into the tight spots).  Did all that out at the cabin to avoid the mess at home.

Helpful hint:  if you're recycling sand, screen it really, really carefully before putting it back into the blaster.  And if the blaster isn't working as it should, empty it out and check for obstructions.

At home, did the cleaner and metal prep steps using the chemicals made by the paint supplier I'm using (POR-15).  Now it's just waiting for paint.

But I am a bit concerned about the rear member.  See the pictures below:

I wonder what the heck caused that damage...

I now have to decide whether to replace that member (Walcks carries them), or just grind out the damage and weld it.

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Paul S. said...

Someone on the CJ3A forum suggested that the damage looks like it was caused by a chain being wrapped around the member to either pull something or to be pulled out of somewhere. Looks like a good explanation to me.

I'll be picking up a new rear member when I make my first order of Jeep parts. These things are available online.